The BlurkleZurps have been influenced by a variety of musical genres and artists. From the huge sound of Chicago in the 70's to the cool rhythm of the Doobie Brothers. Add some soul of Kool and the Gang and funk of ELO and you have a great start of our taste. We wouldn't miss out on the 80's rock which most of the group grew up on from Autograph, REO, Wild Cherry to The Police, Cheap Trick and Men at Work. All the way to Today's current hits of Evanescence, Flyleaf, Matchbox 20, Jimmy Eats World, Little Big Town, Adele, KT Tunstall, and Susan Tadeschi. Our sets combine a great combination of Rock, Blues, Pop and R&B with plenty of Funk. Music is such a powerful tool to lift People's spirits as well as create a positive and most definitely an enjoyable environment. We chose to play positive secular music that people could relate to and then develop relationships with everyone we meet. Most of the band members have played in a variety of bands and have several interesting stories to tell.

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